Many start-ups come to the point at which they want to give up their business. The search for a company succession can have many reasons. Sometimes it is due to lack of time or excessive demands. At other times, the entrepreneur is only interested in making a profit by selling. Often, however, there are also motives such as retirement, illness or other personal reasons. No matter why you decide to transfer your company to someone else. Here you will find tips on how to find the right person for it.

Am i ready for a successor?

Before you think about where and how you can find a successor, you should first make sure that you are ready for it. Question your reasons for looking for a company successor very carefully. Such a decision is final and can have long-term consequences.
If you are not ready internally to give up your business, it can have a bad effect on your relationship with your successor. In very difficult situations, your business can ultimately suffer as well. However, since most start-ups treat their company like their own child, this is certainly not in your interest.
However, once you feel it is time to close the deal, you have several options.

Company succession in your own environment

It is not uncommon for company succession to take place in the form of a generational change. Many parents transfer the company to their own children at a certain point. Most of the time, they slowly withdraw from business. They will be there to advise the youngsters for a long time to come. However, if the family circle is not interested, the company is sometimes passed on to third parties, such as friends or long-term employees. Many entrepreneurs feel more comfortable with the decision to find a company successor if they know it personally. This usually also has the advantage that it is easier to be involved in company decisions at a later point in time. On the other hand, a close relationship can also lead to difficulties. The older entrepreneur may insist on following his principles. Since he can speak more openly with the new manager, he feels freer. It is not uncommon for major disagreements to arise in this way. However, this is dangerous as it can have a negative impact on business.

Company succession by third parties

Because there is no successor in the immediate vicinity, many entrepreneurs also sell to strangers. However, achieving this is not always easy. In order to find the right company succession, it makes sense to offer your own company on professional sales portals. There you can find serious buyers who are really interested in the company. The seller can be sure of this passion because he does not have to look for a successor himself. Instead, it is found by this one. Many entrepreneurs meet in one place on such a platform. Finding a company successor here is therefore much more likely.

Find your corporate succession with Projektify

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