You have a specific hobby, want to tell the whole world about it and therefore start a blog where you can report on interesting facts in the respective area (and maybe even earn a little money). Or maybe you intend to sell products online and are thinking about buying one for this purpose Online shop “To open”. We think: in principle a very good idea! But be careful: Setting up a website / web project can take a lot of time and know-how. We would like to use this article to explain to you what is important when establishing a website and which alternatives are available for you.

Create a website: Here’s how!

First of all, you need a good idea that ideally sets you apart from your competitors. Because: No matter what kind of website you want to create, be found and generate users, i.e. visitors to your website, you naturally want to be in any case. Once you’ve decided on a niche, product range or topic, the real work begins: creating the website.

Step 1: choose a hosting provider for web space!

In order for your website to appear on the Internet at all, you first have to get web space and a domain. When booking a webspace package, an inclusive domain is often included that you do not have to pay extra. You can get webspace from providers like Strato, Hetzner or 1und1, for example.

Step 2: choose a CMS!

You can also program your homepage in an editor and then upload it to your web space (e.g. via FTP), but due to the large range of free content management systems (CMS), it is advisable to go to WordPress , Joomla or a comparable system. The CMS application is easily installed on your web space and you can start designing the website with the help of themes.

Step 3: fill your website with content!

An empty website is of no use to you or a potential visitor. So you should start working on the page (s) with Content to fill. Incidentally, this also includes a beautiful logo that ensures recognition. For example, you can get logos for a few euros / dollars Fiverr can be created. Even if you have one Online shop In addition to the products, you also need valuable additional information that ensures that your website appears and can be found in Google at all. Additional information can be category descriptions, product descriptions and interesting blog articles.

Step 4: make your website known!

Creating a website isn’t everything – you have to make it known! For example you can Social media Use channels like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In addition, you can also use our web project for free StartUp directory enter.

Once you’ve done all three of these steps, you can start regular maintenance and try your web project too monetize. At this point we warmly recommend our Whitepaper on the topic: Monetizing Web Projects !

Buy a website as an alternative

If you want to save yourself the work and start maintaining your website right away, the Purchase of an existing web project be interesting for you. Have a look at ours current advertisements past. There you will find web projects for every budget, with or without sales.


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