Would you like to expand your existing web project and improve the ranking? Then you need so-called backlinks for this. But it is not as easy as it sounds to get good, valuable links on your website. Rather, it requires a good strategy.

What are backlinks?

Links between pages are considered to be based on the current state of knowledge the central ranking factor for websites. Based on scientific documents, these have been adopted as the basic principle of references. – True to the motto: If many people point to something, it has to be good.

Tip: You will find a definition of the backlink in our lexicon!

It’s a bit like real life, when a lot of people are talking about someone, be it positive or negative, then that person seems relevant. That’s why Google works on the same principle. But because backlinks are also used for fraud and trading, link building is a kind of cat and mouse game between SEOs and google. Google has done a lot in the last few years to combat manipulated link building and has already achieved great success. So if in doubt, don’t get involved in expensive link building offers!

Are backlinks still important today?

So backlinks are getting harder to manipulate and are an excellent indicator for search engines to find out how popular your website actually is. Therefore, the more links lead to your website, the more important it is for the search engines and the better the rankings. But be careful: The quality of the backlink is decisive . If you link a page with a high domain value such as Amazon or Adobe to you, this has more influence, such as new and unknown domains. Most valuable is probably a backlink from Wikipedia. And although search engines have links from Social media Rate platforms differently than links from websites, they are still included in the ranking. If your posts are shared frequently, this is definitely an SEO criterion.

Tip: In addition to backlinks, which belong to the field of offpage SEO, there is also the On-page SEO an important ranking factor. In our article on the most important ranking factors for your website you will find out more.

How do I get backlinks?

In the rarest of cases, backlinks are obtained quickly and easily – especially not when the web project is still quite fresh. To get people to link to your content, you need good content with added value that gets people to refer to this content or to share it on social media platforms. Gap-filling articles on a blog or boring SEO texts are guaranteed not to be linked or shared frequently by other websites. Interesting instructions, recipes or new findings, on the other hand, are things that one likes to refer to and therefore linked more often.

Guest articles are one possibility to increase the awareness of your own website and to get a backlink at the same time. Just ask the operator of one Blogs or other web project from an area relevant to your topic, whether you can write a contribution for his website. In return for the free Content in his blog, you will receive a backlink to your website – either in the article directly or in the author’s box, for example. Websites with high reach and awareness often pay for guest articles. This is perfectly legitimate and shows the importance of high quality backlinks.

Backlink checklist:

  1. Content: Write good articles that people like to link to!
  2. Social media: Make sure that you show presence and that other users share your content!
  3. Directories: Register yourself in directories such as Bloggerei.de or TopBlogs.de!
  4. Guest article: Write guest articles on relevant websites!

Tip: Take a look at ours SEO checklist ! You can easily download this as a PDF.

Buy existing web projects with backlinks

You see: A website for SEO success leading is a long and rocky road. Establishing a backlink is very time-consuming and often requires a financial investment. However, you can shorten it all by buying an existing web project with lots of backlinks. Projektify brings sellers and prospects together. Have a look at the current advertisements past.


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