The Google parent Alphabet made big profits in the first quarter of 2017: The company earned 5.43 billion dollars in the first three months, 29 percent more than in the previous year. There is no question that the Google search engine has also become the largest and most widely used search engine in the world.

Bing does exist, but statistics show that 80-95% of the Search engine traffic often come from the search engine Google. For this reason, you should optimally target your pages to Google. We’ll show you how to do this in this article.

On-page SEO : Content

You know that: you enter something on Google and what you are looking for does not come up. The page doesn’t actually offer what you want and the blog article about making money on the Internet shows you many arguments but no methods. By the way, if you are interested, you can use our Read the white paper .

On-Page SEO: Pagespeed

Your site should have a page speed of at least 80. In our experience, 70 would also be acceptable. You probably know that if you wait a long time for a website, then you actually don’t feel like looking at it anymore. Take a look at the on-page SEO Tool by G oogle.

On-Page SEO: page structure

Order is half the battle, isn’t it? You need a decent site structure. This should best be set up like a tree. So using the example of WordPress you have the middle class category, which has the subcategories finance, HR, taxes, … Each of these categories has some articles that fit the category. In addition, you can provide them with suitable keywords. Examples are: employees, managers, offices, …

On-Page SEO: Internal links

The great thing about internal links is that you are completely free to choose them yourself. The number, placement and design of the link texts can unfold freely. You can redirect visitors to your site to your main pages or to other articles in a meaningful way. We do the same at Projektify and therefore recommend that you take a look at our SEO checklist.

Tip: take a look at our SEO checklist !

In addition to the OnPage analysis, there are other factors such as Backlinks , so so-called off-page SEO . We explain this in another article . But what should you do now if you want to try it out? It is often difficult to set up a web project and we recommend that you take a look at our offers. There you can buy a web project and then optimize it for Google Earn money passively on the Internet . Try it out and find your new web project or sell it!


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