In order to build a successful customer relationship, it is necessary that you, as the seller, continuously optimize the individual process steps. In turn, you should not only know the individual phases of a customer journey, but should also be able to understand them from the customer’s point of view.

The 5 phases of a customer journey

There are different models and approaches to what extent the phases of a customer journey are composed, but the one we have described is one of the most common. In addition, all the different images are based on the same principle anyway: a delayed purchase decision by the customer.

Phase 1: Awareness

In the first phase, the customer is in a problem situation. He is aware that he needs a solution and has become aware of your product or service and has built up interest.

Phase 2: Consideration

In the next phase, the customer is now in an active decision-making situation. He analyzes the added value and benefit of your offer and whether it can solve his problem. At the same time, he also takes into account the costs arising from a purchase and their entitlement.

Phase 3: Conversion

The third phase describes a positive purchase decision. The customer is convinced and has purchased your product. But also at this point, as a seller, you can have a positive effect on the customer journey. For example, by sticking to the specified delivery times, sending status updates on the orders or offering high-quality customer service for queries.

Phase 4: retention

In the best case scenario, this phase results in a positive buying experience for the customer. Because if they are satisfied with your product after receiving the goods or after performing the service, they may, as an existing customer, certainly move on to the 5th phase of approval.

Phase 5: Advocacy

This phase is a very important phase for companies because it is about recommending the product. Through active and, above all, positive word of mouth, the customer can help draw the attention of other potential buyers to your company and encourage them to buy. This not only has the advantage that this type of advertising is free of charge, but also that the newly acquired potential customers can be more easily convinced in the individual phases of a customer journey. After all, they have already come into contact with the product in a positive way.

Why do I need a customer journey?

The customer journey offers companies an incredibly high potential to actively influence the customer without the customer really feeling influenced in his decision. Because the individual touchpoints within the phases of a customer journey come across the customer almost casually and influence them subconsciously. However, this is exactly what describes the strength of the customer journey. Because one current study According to the study, the average customer will come into contact with your company and your product or service six to eight times before being convinced to buy. Just 2% of all customers decide to make an impulse purchase when they meet them for the first time. So you realize how important it is to make a good impression on potential customers on several channels and to keep them in mind for as long as possible.

And so also shows one Study by the consulting company McKinsey that an efficient customer journey can generate up to 20% increased customer satisfaction and 10% more sales while at the same time reducing costs by 20%. The principle therefore reflects a win-win situation for both the company and the customer himself.

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