There is often a problem with special web projects: Too little traffic on niche sites. This article shows you how to solve this problem!

How much traffic is necessary on niche sites?

Beginners in particular often overestimate the number of visitors that they ultimately really need to generate income. A niche page is a niche. You will never be able to unite as many users here as for wine-related topics. However, your niche ensures that the right visitors find you. Namely, those who are not only interested in the topic, but also intend to buy. Accordingly, in percentage terms, you need a lot less traffic on your site in order to achieve similar sales as normal websites. Just a few hundred visitors a month can bring you a good income with your niche.

4 tips to attract first visitors

First and foremost, you should always be a little patient. Traffic on niche sites does not come in overnight either. Nevertheless, the following articles can help you to steadily increase the number of your visitors.

Good article

Especially with niche sites, it’s about the content you offer. The content of your page reflects how experienced you are with the niche. If you can provide informative and fact-based articles, this will quickly inspire visitors to trust you. With sophisticated background articles you can also achieve good rankings in Google. Provided of course that too Search engine optimization Your side fits. The basic articles in particular help visitors to recognize themselves on the side of an expert and accordingly attach greater importance to, for example, product recommendations from you. This can enormously increase the purchase intent of your users and generate constant traffic, as they will continue to use you as a source of information in the future.

Guest authors

However, if you cannot present yourself sufficiently as a professional, you can also use guest articles to help. If users find well-known experts in the results display of their search, they are much more inclined to click on the link and end up on your page. And here, too, you can enormously increase the trust of your visitors in you, as you can convey not only added value, but also professionalism.


But also through Backlinks you can achieve a better ranking on Google. You can get backlinks, for example, by writing guest articles for other websites yourself and these in return link your page in this article. It is best to observe the following tricks:

Website: Find well-known websites that fit your niche and have a high target audience rate!

Content: Write exciting articles – because this is the only way external websites are ready to publish your article on their website!

Directories: Use directories such as or to be present in many places on the Internet!

Social media

But you can also use social networks to significantly increase traffic on niche sites. So you can not only create your own profile for your site there, but also communicate and interact in specific groups that deal with the area of your web project. This is exactly where you will meet your target group to a particularly high degree and from there you can lure them to your site.


Of course, even if you are primarily after income from your niche, you should place a much greater emphasis on the consistency of your traffic than on the speed. Just because you quickly attract users to your site doesn’t mean that they’ll buy straight away or come back to make a purchase. However, if you build a community right from the start, you can build long-term income with foresight.

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