Now the time has come: You have yours suitable idea for a niche site and now want to build a niche site. But how should you proceed and which technologies can help you? In this article, we’d like to share some tips on how you can gradually build a niche site.

What is a niche site

According to our Projektify Lexicon a niche site is nothing more than an ordinary site, only that it specializes in something. She usually deals with a topic in depth or only operates a specific product. You can now find numerous such sites on the Internet. As an example you can see domains like or Here only one product is advertised very specifically. They also often have a smaller target group of 1000 – 10,000 interested users per month who are looking for the target keyword.

Why build a niche site?

With a niche site you have the chance to get one passive income to build with little competition. You can usually not make a living from it, but due to the low competition you often have little work afterwards and if you consider that, for example, a niche site makes 20 euros, then you only have to build 100 niche sites to secure a good income.

Build up niche side

In this paragraph we show some explanations for building your niche site. We roughly go into legal, technical and content-related aspects as well as monetization. At the end you will find a checklist which further summarizes these and other points.

Find a domain

So first you should define your suitable domain, which usually contains your main keyword such as or You can book a domain with any host for usually 10 euros. If your domain isn’t free, try other extensions like .net or .com, as well as some of the new extensions like .blog, .tips or .shop.

Find hosters and technology

Then you choose your technology. It always makes sense to use a CMS system like WordPress , Joomla or Typo3. Basically the future of WordPress The rosiest in the CMS benchmark comparison, because simply the distribution is greatest and thus the number of existing plugins and themes is the highest. TYPO3 on the other hand is characterized by the hierarchical structure and a very tidy editor. Joomla manifests itself in the object-based structure. This allows the developer to develop and integrate any option that is necessary or expedient for the individual adaptation of the CMS. WordPress is usually very suitable for a small niche site.

Design and imprint

Then search for a suitable template via Google, because the eye also buys. There are numerous free templates, which are often sufficient. Then generate an imprint and data protection agreement (generate Google imprint).

Generate content

Now write some great texts that give information about your product. The following formats are particularly popular:

  • Product applications
  • Product comparisons
  • Use cases for the product
  • Product declarations


The findability of your site on Google is important to get the necessary traffic to your site. Only when someone is on your side can they buy your products. So you should be yours SEO optimize now. We have prepared two articles for you for this purpose.

Reading tips :

earn money

Now you have set up your site and your first traffic and you want to earn money with it. That is perfectly clear. In addition to your affiliate links, you can also include Google Adsense advertising or simply sell other products. See our for more information White paper on how to monetize a website.

Tip: take a look at our compact checklist Build up niche side

Buy niche site at Projektify

You know the problem of many niche sites: lack of time. Building a niche site is tough and you have to put some time into it. Of course, you can also just buy an existing project and build on your first successes. Take a look at our advertisements!

You also have the option of being accompanied online by an expert on the way to founding a company. Just use ours for this Service for start-up advice or the Service for building a web project .


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