Startups are faced with major challenges in order to position themselves in the market. Well over half of all startups fail. about many possible reasons this has already been debated. Startups have many advantages over traditional companies: flat hierarchies, short decision-making paths, flexibility, etc. But it is often still difficult to really establish startups on the market.

Startup cemetery

Startups – on the narrow gap between success and failure. “Hype company files for bankruptcy” – Headlines like these are not uncommon in the startup world. Startups are repeatedly affected by the worst case scenario. This year you can read about the failure of some very well-known startups such as Paymill, Retravel, Bonativo, Lokalisten, Vendomo, and many more. All of these end up in the so-called startup cemetery.


Selling your beloved startup is often a tough decision. But maybe the good idea can be revived by another founder with fresh motivation and new ideas. Often by turning a detail on the business model, an idea can still become successful or function as part of another company.

How this resurrection works can be seen from successful once and insolvent brands. Everyone knew them, but at some point they disappeared into oblivion: names like Creme 21, Ahoj-Brause or Sinalco were once the stars among consumer goods brands. Now they are returning – and with great success. Retro brings back memories, especially when future prospects are lost. In times of unemployment one looks back with benevolence at the time when everything seemed to be better. The recourse to the tried and tested is not only due to the thought of nostalgia. The downward trend is based on one simple insight: retro is profitable. In this way brands or already known ideas can be revived. So why should it be any different with startups?

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