Bankruptcy doesn’t always have to mean negative things. Above all, entrepreneurs with courage, passion and capital often see corporate bankruptcy as an opportunity. As an opportunity or possibility to acquire an already existing company cheaply and to lead it back on the path of success with the right measures.

But even if you yourself are the victim of a bankruptcy, this does not have to mean an unchangeable defeat. The way out of bankruptcy is certainly not a walk in the park, means a lot of w

ork and above all requires one thing: a lot of communication, but it is feasible. Because as long as you bring everyone involved, such as customers, suppliers, creditors and co. To one table, you can use a company bankruptcy as an opportunity for a fresh start.

When does a company go bankrupt?

But sometimes it is not really clear when exactly a company is insolvent or what warning signals there are of impending bankruptcy. All of this is therefore regulated in the bankruptcy code.

According to the InsO (short for Insolvency Code) there are 3 characteristics that show that a company is insolvent. It is enough if one of these three is present to file for bankruptcy.

Insolvency according to §17 InsO

A company is considered insolvent if it is no longer able to pay outstanding invoices due to insufficient liquid funds. However, this definition is precisely and firmly regulated so that not every short-term failure is equated with bankruptcy. According to the InsO, a company is only insolvent if the liquidity gap is at least 10 percent.

Impending insolvency according to §18 InsO

But even if an insolvency is only in the near future, but is inevitable because not enough liquid funds will be available by the due date, it is called bankruptcy.
Since such a type of insolvency is always based on forecasts and has to be estimated, it must always be considered in a separate individual case and cannot be applied autonomously.

Over-indebtedness according to §19 InsO

Finally, according to Section 19 InsO, there is also the possibility of over-indebtedness. This is the case when the debtor’s capital can no longer cover the existing liabilities. This means that one speaks of over-indebtedness when liabilities are higher than assets on the balance sheet.

How can a company bankruptcy be used as an opportunity?

Regardless of the reasons you had to file for bankruptcy, there are now many ways for companies to get back on their feet.

Find investors

On the one hand, you can of course look for investors with a so-called insolvency plan. Within such a plan, in addition to the current company situation and the reasons for the bankruptcy, restructuring measures and options are recorded. This gives potential investors an overview of the overall situation and enables them to make more targeted decisions about the necessary course of action.

Bankruptcy in self-administration

However, if you want to restructure your company yourself, this is no longer a difficult step. The management is usually retained, while the insolvency administrator acts as monitoring and control. This is to ensure that the creditors continue to be protected and that the right decisions are made within the company for a way out of bankruptcy.

Where can I find bankrupt companies to buy?

If you do not want to restructure your company yourself and have problems looking for investors, you can ultimately consider selling the bankrupt company. Many experienced entrepreneurs are interested in such offers, since such companies can usually be acquired cheaply.
But not everyone knows exactly where to look for companies in crisis. A number of measures were explicitly set out for this purpose within the German insolvency code. According to §9 InsO, every insolvency procedure must be made public. Since 2002 there has also been an obligation that this is not only done centrally and across countries, but also online.

In the commercial register or on the insolvency portals of the individual federal states, you can find out about every company that would have to file for bankruptcy. But you can also access this information on the website All insolvency courts publish the current insolvency proceedings of all companies there as a bundled overview.

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