Do you want to sell your company and feel completely lost in the sea of corporate portals? If you should have lost the overview, no problem! We have created an overview of the company exchanges that are currently best known for this purpose.

Selling your own business is about more than just finding a buyer. Rather, most entrepreneurs hope to hand over their company, to which they usually have a strong emotional bond, to someone who plans to continue business with the same passion and motivation.

But the question quickly arises as to where you can best find someone like that. Sales portals for companies are often a good choice if you don’t know anyone who could be your successor.
Since the internet is teeming with portals, we have created exactly this overview of the company exchanges for you.
So you have all the important data and information at a glance and you can choose the portal that best suits you.

Overview of the company exchanges

We are now introducing you to seven different portals in the overview of the company exchanges. Of course there are many more of these types online. Below you will find an idea of the ones that are currently used the most and are therefore very well known.

Nexxt change

Nexxt-change is one of the best-known portals in our overview of company exchanges and is a state platform. The website is operated by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the KfW banking group, the chambers and various banks.

As a special offer, customers are supported by nationwide partners during the entire sales process. In addition to banks, chambers of industry and commerce are part of a team of around 800 regional partners. They are also responsible for checking and publishing advertisements. They can also help to establish initial contact between start-ups and sellers.


The DUB, short for German Business Exchange, is a private portal that was founded within the press and journalist sector. In addition to Die Welt and Wirtschaftswoche, the Handelsblatt is also one of the operators.
In addition to the main business of buying and selling companies, the platform also offers its customers many other extras. In addition to crowd investing, DUB members also have interactive marketplaces and many other features at their disposal.

Since the stock exchange specializes in the franchise area, there are many sales offers from precisely this economic field.
Like nexxt-change, the German company exchange is also a large platform that is enjoying increasing popularity.

Thanks to its founding in 1997, the portal is one of the oldest portals in our overview of company exchanges. It is operated by Cobis GmbH based in Baden-Württemberg. The platform is a popular point of contact, especially for small and medium-sized companies, and offers advertisements from various industries and regions.

Since the founders have always offered an in-depth service when looking for a company succession, the platform has also become a popular address for sellers and start-ups in this area. The exchange also provides its members with various types of advisory services. The portal continues to pursue your mission to make the entry into a company as a successor as easy as possible for both negotiating partners.

con | cess M + A partner

con | cess M + A-Partner appears as a comparatively smaller portal compared to nexxt-change, DUB and Co. Nevertheless, according to its own information, the platform relays around 40 companies to new owners every year. The stock exchange is a sought-after address, especially in the area of mergers and acquisitions consultants.

Customers of the site don’t just have to get advice online. Consultants for business start-ups, company valuation, company succession and company mediation are also available at many central locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Biz trade

Even if the DUB is currently probably still the top address for buying and selling companies from the franchise sector, the number of users of the Biz-Trade portal is also growing continuously. In addition to franchising, customers will also find many cooperation offers here. Due to its simple and free use, the exchange already has over 15,000 followers.

The structured structure of the website is also particularly noticeable. Instead of clicking through all the offers or drowning in the crowd as a seller with his ad, the developers have set up an industry search function. As a customer, you have a better overview to find the right project.


While the exchanges presented so far were more geared towards company models or industries, the group of experts for company succession is a frequently visited portal, especially in the area of company size. The EFU specializes in particular in the sale of small and medium-sized companies.

The company is not only characterized by its orientation. Sellers who hire their company here benefit, among other things, from a professional service with a technical basis. In addition to business experts, the portal also offers its customers advice from lawyers and tax advisors.


The portal, which is part of the KERN company, has certainly also developed into a popular address when looking for a company successor since its creation. Since the operators of the website themselves have an economic background and have already gained their own entrepreneurial experience, users can benefit from a professional advisory service.

The exchange does not only support its members online when buying and selling companies. At more than 25 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, there are also competent contact points with advisors for every industry outside of the Internet.

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