This is how you create a convincing sales offer for your web project

If you want to sell your website on Projektify, you can create a free ad here. To make it clear what potential your website has, you should try to keep a few things in mind when placing your ad. In this article we explain what you should pay attention to when creating your website for sale in order to reach as many potential buyers as possible.

A good ad contains as many as possible structured Information about your web project

So that the potential buyer knows what he or she is getting into, you have to try to reveal the most important information directly in your ad. You can use the structure that you would also find in a business plan as a guide. Of course, you shouldn’t set up a complete business plan – but a web project is still a business and the potential buyer is a kind of investor who takes over the website for a purchase price. You should therefore provide information about certain things, such as in a business plan, and answer the following questions in your ad in advance.

Important questions that are answered with an offer to sell

  • What is the core product of your website?
  • Information portal, Blog , Magazine, online shop, etc.
  • Which competing offers are there?
  • How is your website monetized and how much income does your website already generate with it?
  • Affiliate programs, Google AdSense, private advertisements, etc.
  • How high are the monthly investments in your web project to generate this income?
  • Both in terms of time and money
  • Under which legal form do you operate the website?
  • If you are a freelancer, sole proprietor, the website belongs to a GmbH, GbR , Etc.?
  • What content is for sale?
  • Overall Content , Rights to photos and images, various domains, naming rights, etc.

Only if these questions are answered in your ad can a buyer assess their own risk and assess whether the purchase price you have estimated is justified. To get a rough overview of the value of your web project, we recommend ours Price calculator for websites or create directly your advert . If you have any questions, we will be happy to give you further tips on selling web projects! If you are currently selling your web project or are in the process of buying one, we recommend our article on Drafting contracts when buying or selling .

In addition, on Projektify you have the opportunity to be professionally supported by one of our partners when selling a web project. Use our service right away “ Web project sales advice “.



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