Building a company doesn’t always have to be done in a team. Many entrepreneurs also start out as solo founders and create successful projects out of the ground. According to the Federal Statistical Office, 86 percent of all business registrations were solo start-ups in the first half of 2015.

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How to benefit from going it alone as a solo founder

Obviously, as a sole proprietor, you naturally make your own decisions. You don’t have to explain your project to anyone, you don’t need approval. In other words, you are accountable only to yourself. This makes your company more flexible and quicker to react to changes. As a founder, you benefit from more entrepreneurial freedom.

One of the main reasons why solo founders decide to take this step is certainly that profits do not have to be shared. The whole profit goes solely to your account and is also a result of your work. This feeling of pride to know that you have made all of this possible solely through your own activities also plays a major role.

The right preparation to get started as a solo founder

If you want to build a company all by yourself, you should pay particular attention to the following things.

Choose the right legal form

As a solo founder, you have several legal forms to choose from. For your company, you can take advantage of the small business, entrepreneurial company, one-person GmbH or merchant options. However, freelancers have to adapt to separate regulations here.

Which legal form you should choose depends on different parameters. The differences lie, among other things, in the registration, bookkeeping, limitation of liability or the minimum capital. Which legal form suits you and your company depends on whether you want a limitation of liability, have hardly any equity or just want to register quickly and easily.


As a solo founder, it is still worthwhile to have a broad network. Because even as a solo founder, you are dependent on a large number of assignments and these are often the result of word of mouth. A network with colleagues from different areas can be extremely helpful to you make money online . But even when it comes to other topics like Legal issues or Corporate succession you can benefit from experts here.


As you can see, there are many advantages to being a solo founder.
The decision to found a business depends solely on the personality of the entrepreneur, but not exclusively. In some types of companies you are simply better off as a solo founder or there is simply no need for partners. For whatever reason you decide to become a solo founder, it is important that you find the right project for you.

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