You have your own web project at the start, everything is ready and now you can’t wait for your site to really get going and start? Well, there is often one problem in particular at the beginning: the visitors stay away. Instead of really getting started, you wait and hope in vain traffic or the number of your visitors is only growing moderately. This article shows you how you can use a few tricks to increase your traffic and really push the start of your site.

4 ways to make visitors aware of your web project

As is so often the case, many roads lead to Rome when it comes to traffic. So there are different options how you can increase the traffic for your web project. The more you combine them, the more visitors you can attract.

Option 1: SEO

The Search engine optimization at google is likely to be used by anyone who owns a web project. Therefore, it is now quite difficult to rank high with individual main keywords. Instead, you should use specific long-tail keywords, as the density used here is not that high. Accordingly, you appear much earlier for visitors in the results display of your search and can thus increase the traffic on your site. Your Onpage optimization be on point and also Backlinks should be on your site.

Option 2: exciting articles and topics

In combination with SEO, you should also give your visitors exciting topics and provide good articles so that they don’t leave your site again. Because this is usually the main way users find your web project. In order to really attract attention, you should also think about how you can stand out from other websites, for example with your writing style, text structure or other elements and thus offer your visitors added value.

Option 3: guest authors

In addition, it makes sense to rely on the help of experts and have some topics explained by real professionals. Guest articles not only increase the quality of your content enormously, but also increase the likelihood of better traffic on your site. The guest author may be a well-known expert in a field and as soon as users see their name flashing during their search, they are instantly on your website with one click.

Option 4: advertising

Last but not least, there is of course the classic option of simply placing advertising. However, you should always weigh up costs and benefits carefully and not invest blindly. Because it is not always worthwhile to spend money on banners or Google AdWords. In order to make a good decision, you should always take a close look at the click prices and CPMs first. If these are promising, you can of course also attract more visitors to your site with advertising.


No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced user – it is not uncommon for the wrong ideas and hopes to develop, especially when it comes to traffic for your web project. As an inexperienced person, you may be planning the start-up period far too arbitrarily. As a result, you may not recognize weak points in time or you are far too impatient and plan to throw everything over the heap. Likewise, professionals often think that they know the early stages of a web project inside out and are therefore pretty good at estimating traffic. Instead, you should keep in mind that the initial phase of a website is just as individual as any web project itself. As mentioned before, it depends, for example, on the topic or the type and amount of advertising in which you are investing. It is best not to get too stuck on a fixed date or time period. When your web project has reached the magical limit of 1,000 visitors after about 12 weeks, you can usually be very satisfied.

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