In social networks And on Google there are numerous results for each keyword and often users do not know which article to click on due to the high number. In order for your articles to have a high click rate, you need good headings. We’ll show you how to find them in this article!

Offering added value for users

A headline must offer added value that is immediately recognizable and capture the user. There are usually three things your users want. They want time, money or quality. For these three use cases, we will give you examples and some alternative ideas in the following.

Not all added value is the same

Of course, most blog articles have added value, such as getting more users to the website. This is definitely an added value, but will be drowned in the flood of articles. Therefore you have to combine this with another saving.

Blog article headline: Time Savings

First, you can convey to a user that your blog article saves them time. An example would be that he receives a certificate quickly or that he gets more users to his website. So you combine your general benefits with a time specification. Examples include

  • 1000 users in 24 hours for your platform
  • How I received 500 orders in 7 days
  • Social media strategy in 5 days
  • Set up online shop in 24 hours

Headline for blog article: Cost savings

In this example, you can convey to the user that he can save costs. This can happen through a good offer or a great recommendation. You can also offer product comparisons or special offers overviews.

  • Save advertising costs with social media tools
  • 20% less costs in the mind in the online shop
  • How I set up an online shop for 10 euros
  • Blog Marketing: How to Reach More Users with Less Budget

Headline for blog article: Quality improvement

In the last point you can make a promise for quality or better service. This can also mean that a user can implement things more easily. For example, through a tool or a nifty procedure, as well as a tip for a service.

  • Online shop: Simply send goods in 5 steps
  • Automatically gain reach with social media tools
  • Analysis tools for easy customer acquisition
  • Optimization of the click rate with content tools

Alternative ideas

Furthermore, there are of course many alternative and creative ideas such as personal reports: “How I made XX euros in XX days” or “How I set up my online shop”. Also often found: Social Media: The best WordPress plugins. These are so-called superlatives. In grammar, the superlative is the highest increase in an adjective (Duden). You are also welcome to experiment with this.

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Try out!

Now is the time to try out your headings. Because what works for us doesn’t necessarily have to work for you. Go to Facebook, for example, and advertise 3 articles (also the same with 3 headings) and check the click rate after a few days. You can find an example here for an article on the topic Blog building :

  • Build a blog in 24 hours – 550 views – 150 clicks
  • Build a blog for 5 euros – 450 views – 100 clicks
  • Build a blog – easy and convenient – 500 views – 50 clicks

In this case, you notice that your target group primarily wants to save time and money. The quality aspect is apparently not that important. So you can slowly and iteratively evaluate your headlines. We at Projektify also use this method.

Reading tip: Facebook Marketing

Alternative: buy finished content

Don’t feel like writing so many articles or worrying so much about each headline? Then you can also consider buying an existing website and the Content integrate this into your website. The advantage is that you don’t have to write as many blog articles of your own. So take a look directly at our advertisements! Maybe you will find a suitable project.

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