1. Facebook is still the largest social network ( Social media ) and a real all-rounder. From business to home users, almost everyone has a Facebook page. Statistics even say that every third German is now active on Facebook. That’s why Facebook continues to be an attractive marketing channel for your website. We would like to show you the 5 steps to the success of your Facebook marketing. Of course, the three steps assume that you have created a Facebook page beforehand.

1. Define the target group

First of all, you have to know exactly who you want to address. Of course, there is a chance that your site will go viral and that you will gain thousands of likes through exciting content. However, this is not the rule and you have to invest something in your Facebook marketing. Most of the time, only cats or people who do very stupid or funny things can do this anyway (like jumping in ice water or flooding the living room). However, products or services rarely manage that. This is how you should define your target group in the Facebook ad manager. You can set the following features on Facebook:

  • Age
  • County town
  • Interests (WordPress, software development, …)

We at Projektify recommend that you primarily advertise the page to “people selected via target groups” depending on the product of a certain age group throughout Germany. Start small and invest 1 euro per day. Then you can measure which articles are well received and pay less dearly.

2. Create content

Now you need exciting content ( Content ), which you can apply. Write exciting articles or look for great news sites from which you share content. Only advertise your own articles. Projektify recommends the 5-3-1 rule. This says the following:

  • 5 come from other users, i.e. are shared,
  • 3 content that you have written yourself and
  • 1 selling post or company news.

Reading tip: Find topics for the website

3. Build range

Now you have to diligently advertise and share content. This will take some time. It can be worthwhile to buy 500 likes cheaply, especially at the beginning. Because when a page has no likes, people have a harder time following it. Nobody wants to be among the top 100. If it’s worth it, you can also set up a Facebook group or take part in a competition. However, this is only worthwhile from 1000 likes, as is the application to people who like your page.

4. Measure and optimize

Your first campaign is over and you have invested the first 7 euros in 7 days? Now go to your Facebook page and click on Statistics. There you can see how often your article has been seen and clicked. Now repeat this twice with other articles. Specifically, that means: Share 3 different topics and see what the click rate is. Example:

  • Articles on Social Media – 500 Views – 5 Clicks
  • Article on Startups – 700 Views – 14 Clicks
  • Article on WordPress – 600 Views – 60 Clicks

You notice in this example. that your current target group, which you have set, prefers WordPress content. So you can still post WordPress articles or change the target group setting. Then the numbers could change.

Reading tip: Take a look at our social media checklist

5. Automate

Now your campaign is running and you can see that you’ve got the hang of it? Then you can start automating your campaign right away. So you write exciting content and your tool distributes it to the various networks at the best times. The advertising also runs automatically. This is your desired state and should be strived for in the end. We explain how this works using the example of Blog 2 Social in the article Social Media for the Niche Site.

Reading tip: Social media for the niche side

Buy alternative web project with Facebook page

Do you notice that building a Facebook page is a lot of work and want to start right away? Then you can also buy a Facebook page and get direct reach. You can build on your predecessor’s Facebook marketing and enjoy his success. Take a look at our advertisements whether there is something for you right now.

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