As an entrepreneur, you are looking for freelancers with whom you can implement your current or upcoming project. No matter if you have a graphic artist for your company logo, a SEO experts For the better search engine results, one Online editor for the company blog or one Marketing experts are looking for – freelancers always help when you need them. And only then. The rest of the time you don’t have to employ a freelancer, which of course saves on ongoing wage costs and social security contributions. In the Projektify project exchange you can offer projects for freelancers and find the right freelancer.

Freelancers offer a wide range of expertise

Through projects in other companies, freelancers often have a better view of the entire branch of work than permanent employees. The competition and the unsafe job also increase the motivation of freelancers to implement projects with passion and know-how. This applies not only to the professions mentioned in the top section, but also to IT consultants, software developers and engineers. The existing competence and experience can therefore be an enormous advantage when realizing your project.

Offer projects for freelancers now

Simply log in free of charge and submit an application today . When placing your ad, make sure that you:

  1. Describe the motivation behind the project
  2. Roughly assess and state the workload
  3. Clearly define the budget and schedule

More about this in the article: Project tender: tips and tricks

Calculate realistically

When placing your ad, make sure that you calculate realistically and precisely describe the requirements. For freelancers, it is of essential importance to offset the time required against the time required. If a project takes too long and the previously agreed remuneration is no longer in relation to the workload, this can definitely cause problems for the freelancer. However, if you calculate generously with time and budget, this will particularly benefit the motivation and quality of the service. As already mentioned, this is often more pronounced with freelancers than with permanent employees.

If you follow the tips, you will find yourself in the Projektify project exchange quickly find a qualified freelancer for your project.



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