You should know that about bankruptcy

In the past ten years there have been around 340,000 bankruptcies in which around five million people have lost their jobs. The damage to the German economy is estimated at 250 billion euros. Often this is because the Startup or the Online shop is not rehabilitated. A company is insolvent as soon as it becomes insolvent. You can also find many definitions of on other websites Bankruptcies .

When the online shop has to file for bankruptcy

Of course, there are also many examples of a successful turnaround if you take action and react in good time. Insolvency administrators often look after many online shops and startups at the same time and thus often lose track and do not devote enough time to the online shop. For this reason, you have to act yourself and also help to pull through or avoid bankruptcy.
It is best to proceed as follows: First, complete all orders and grant customers returns, if necessary. So you can make a clean cut and hand over your online shop or startup to the insolvency administrator or a potential buyer.

The benefits and harm of bankruptcy

In over 90% of the cases, the company is broken up and discontinued. The payment of the sales amount of the company is only paid out to the creditors after 3-4 years. In addition, there is an enormous bureaucratic effort for those affected, which entails a lot of costs. It also brings many entrepreneurial risks with a GmbH. This can be carried out to the point of delaying bankruptcy. That’s why you have to react quickly and, ideally, even avoid bankruptcy.

Debt settlement instead of bankruptcy

Bankruptcies are often avoided by holding a debt settlement. The debts are often settled out of court here and represent a comparison between all parties. Here, for example, the online shop or the startup at Projektify safely sold and the price can be divided among the debtors. We have more information about the Debt eviction and to Pricing for such a web project .

Avoid bankruptcy

The best way to avoid bankruptcy is to avoid bankruptcy. You see that your numbers are slowly moving in the wrong direction and you also notice how your interest in the online shop or startup is waning. In such a case, you can avoid bankruptcy by simply selling your online shop or startup with us. For this you switch just an advertisement and can pass it on. There are many good reasons to sell an online shop or website . Projektify is the best platform here and has one compared to bankruptcy administrators or brokers unique USP . In addition to a free ad , we will help you a blog and strong partners .



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