Do you have a professional and very well designed homepage and want to sell it now? That can make sense, because many small and medium-sized web projects are often ready for an exit. So let’s go and start the project: Sell your homepage!

What are the criteria for a successful sale?

Criteria for a successful sale include

  • High number of visitors
  • High potential of the homepage
  • Professional design
  • SEO metrics
  • dmoz entry

With these criteria you can give a potential buyer good arguments why your homepage should be bought. You have to make it clear to the buyer that your homepage offers potential and is a perfect extension for their business.

How much is the income from selling your homepage?

Every article tells you that it is an individual price negotiation and that this cannot be determined across the board. However, we at Projektify have one Price calculator created for the sale of websites. Try this out directly and you have a first guideline. Then you can too read the article: “What does a website cost?” and secure your first information and impressions. It is often worthwhile simply to study and compare the prices of similar websites. If you follow the tips for selling your homepage in the next paragraph, then you can gild your homepage perfectly and get out of it with a high profit. We also show you in the article: Sell website as an investment some alternatives!

Where and how do I sell my homepage?

How do I sell a homepage

First, let’s look at the “how”. Most portals require you to create an ad and describe your web project in detail. To this end, P rojektify put together tips for you . Then you go in Price negotiation and sells your homepage through one Purchase contract . The crux of the matter is that you describe your web project and the potential as a small business plan so well that buyers can contact you and even select the potentially best buyer from several interested parties.

Where do I sell a homepage?

There are currently some portals, Facebook groups and offers on Ebay. However, they all have one thing in common: They are either expensive or very unstructured. Your web project often has little chance of being seen between all the ads on Facebook and you pay a high fee on the portal. On Ebay you often have your target audience and your sales can easily fail. We therefore recommend Projektify. We do not charge any fees and are perfect free . Through our blog we collect an exciting target group of industry experts and courageous pioneers who are ready to buy a web project. Then let’s go! Offers your Web project for free or read more Information for sale at Projektify !


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