You want to implement your idea on the internet and you need a website for this. You can build these yourself or buy them. In this article we would therefore like to discuss what the differences between the two methods are and what may be worthwhile in your case.

Build website

Building a website can be very easy, for example if you have a Website construction kit using. However, this is usually not enough for your requirements, since external plugins, etc., cannot be installed. So there is little that you can adjust. We are happy to recommend WordPress to use and set up the website with an appropriate template and plugin.

Once you’ve set up your website, you still have to Find topics and Content bring it to your website. You have to do this too SEO optimize and Backlinks build up. This can take a long time and is tedious, but you can determine the design and functions of the website yourself and build it up on the greenfield.

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Buy website

In contrast to the first approach, you can also buy a website. The advantage is obvious. You can build directly on the knowledge and success of other users. So you can on the one hand let the old owner coach you and let him tell you about failures. In this way you can avoid mistakes and launch a rocket straight away. It is often very frustrating to start from scratch and to wait a long time until the first user finally comes to the website.

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Build or buy a website?

Now you have to decide whether you should build a website or buy it. If you have very special requirements and a lot of inclination and time, then you can set them up yourself. It also makes sense that you could even think about selling the website afterward.

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But now you have the other option. Especially if you freelance part-time are as Small business , you often have little time. It can make a lot of sense to buy a website here. You can build on success and get results right away.

So if your own implementation of a website is not your thing, you can also use an existing one Buy website that either has not yet achieved any sales or has already achieved significant sales. You can buy finished websites on Projektify – deals is available here for every budget.

Or you can use one of our services and let our experts advise you directly online on all questions and matters. Here you can find all services in the overview.


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