You have an idea and now you want one Website set up to offer your product or service there. This is not a sure-fire success and you should pay attention to a few things. We have summarized the most important content for you and provided you with further links in addition to a checklist to ensure that the setup works smoothly.

Find a suitable domain

First you have to find a suitable one domain Find. To do this, you should either use your company name or a special keyword domain that describes what your site does such as, for example, SEO achieve. Our advanced article shows you what you should consider with such a keyword domain.

Reading tip: Find a suitable domain

Host website

Now you have found a suitable domain and the next step is that you have to host it. In addition, a shared webspace for 5-10 euros a month is often worthwhile. So you get a piece of storage space on a server and can upload your page to the Internet. There are many subtypes of web hosting and also special offers for CMS systems such as WordPress . So that you can cope with the jungle of offers, we have summarized everything in a separate article!

Reading tip: Host website

Set up website

Now you have to set up or find your suitable framework for your website. Here many use a ready-made HTML design or Website construction kit or the CMS system WordPress . Our checklist shows you exactly how to set up such a page.

Reading tip: Website building checklist

Find topics and content

Now you have to fill your website with content, so-called Content to fill. To do this, you first have to find topics and check them for relevance. So they are looking for them and do your users want to read something? You can do this by brainstorming and reviewing the Google Keyword Planner. It is best to start with the question: How would I search my site on Google?

Reading tip: Find topics

Optimize SEO

Now you had to optimize your website so that it could be found on Google. After all, you want numerous visitors to use your products and services. For this to happen, you have to be at the top of Google. Our SEO checklist shows you how to do this.

Reading tip: SEO checklist

Conclusion: set up a website or buy?

You realize that it takes a lot of effort to set up a website like Rome cannot be built in a day. As an alternative, you can also buy a website from us and thus build on the success and content of your predecessor. This saves time and you can start right away. Take a look at our advertisements!


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