As is so often the case, you are sitting in the office at your job and actually it suits you, but you are thinking about how you can build up a second mainstay on the Internet in addition to your job and increase your income a bit as a part-time job? In this article, we’ll show you a few ways you can get started with passive income!

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Build an online shop

The first option would be to get you one Online shop as a second mainstay on the Internet. You can buy products cheaply and sell them again. The main task will be setting up your online shop as well as marketing and logistics. In addition to the full-time job, this is often quite a burden, which is why we don’t want to list this for you, but want to bring you closer to affiliate marketing.

Reading tip: Build an online shop

Affiliate projects

Affiliate marketing means that you do not sell your own products, but include products from e.g. Amazon in your website. This is how you outsource logistics, since Amazon takes over storage and shipping, for example. So you are a seller of third-party products. Often times, affiliates treat them as Niche side a specific product such as popcorn machines and explain them in detail. So you are selling an existing product but you are offering more detailed and better information about it.

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Blog and Adsense

Instead of products, you can also make money with yours simply through advertising Blog to earn. You earn there through so-called AD clicks . This means that there is an advertisement on the blog and you get money with every click. With Google, this depends on the advertiser’s offered click price. A well-known program is Google AdSense.

Of course, you can also combine product links via affiliate in your blog or run an online shop with a blog. It can never hurt your part with sufficient Content to supply. You can find even more information on how to make money from a blog in our article.

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Buy website

Alternatively, you can buy a website on the internet. You can then build directly on the existing sales and make profits straight away from day one. However, it is important that the Return is correct (purchase price to profit). You can find out whether such a website is worthwhile in our Yield calculator find out.

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