In the following article we would like to introduce you to the types of Internet pages and what benefits they can have for the buyer. Then we show the potential returns and help you how to sell a website.

What types of websites are there and what use are they?

Internet pages come in a wide variety of forms such as:

  • Forum
  • Blog
  • Startup
  • Online shop
  • Website for companies and individuals
  • pure domains

Blogs are often in high demand and can be used as an extension to an existing business. A pizza baker can easily integrate a blog about pizza topics into his shop, or an entrepreneur can use a similar online shop to make his business online overnight. The same applies to forums. Pure domains are often only for web developers who want to build a business behind them and need an important keyword domain. We already have a lot of information about this in another article buying domains or for selling domains . Now it is up to you to provide potential buyers with exciting scenarios for their web shop and to convince them that your website is the right purchase and that it will become an investment for you.

Sell a website as an investment?

Internet sites are not an absolutely safe investment, but with a little sure instinct and the tips at the end of the article, every sale can be successful. Nobody knows exactly what will or will not boom in 5 years. We therefore recommend selling websites at the right moment in order to generate high income. It is also important to reach the right target group. On large portals, the target group is often too broad and your own website can go under. You can be happy there if you don’t go out of business at a loss. Are often with the right target group Returns up to 50% open and you can successfully gild your website. For this reason, Projektify has built a target group of courageous pioneers, industry experts and entrepreneurs who really appreciate the value of good websites. Also read the article: Selling a homepage, is it worth it?

How and where can I sell a website?

Due to Projektify’s strong target group focus, we recommend that you sell your website with us. You can use our blog to get all the information about Pricing , Price negotiation and Tips on Selling read through. This is how your ad takes off! We are also perfect free ! Then go ahead and sell your website and make it an investment. If you still have a question, take a look at our Forum ! We are happy to help you there!



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