Today we would like to show you the advantages and disadvantages between the possibility a) buy a website and b) commission a web agency. If you want information about website modular systems then you can read our article about Modular systems read. At the end we draw a conclusion and refer to offers for websites that you can have a look at.

Agency website

Web agencies are now a dime a dozen and each one promises you the highest quality and the support of an experienced project manager. Often, however, you are alone and have to judge for yourself whether they keep what they really promise. Projektify helps you in this case and has a big one Freelancer network . All of these have been tested and, so to speak, our recommendation to you for a perfect price-performance ratio. These freelancers can also help you with your Optimize website after purchase . In summary, we can say that agencies often offer quite standardized solutions and that as a user you then have to laboriously build the page and adapt it to the customer. The later adjustments then often cost a lot of money and drive many websites into a cost trap.

How do I recognize a good freelancer or agency

We have selected freelancers and agencies based on the following criteria:

  • Show commitment to the cause
  • Be social and flexible
  • Be an entrepreneur
  • Have strengths in certain areas

Each of our freelancers worked at Projektify and thus made a major contribution to the growth of our project. The freelancers are always ready to look beyond their actual tasks and to react to changing requirements. They are also good entrepreneurs and also advise on business models and have a large network and the most important thing is that they all have clearly recognizable strengths in, for example, blogging, web design or SEO.

Buy a website from other users

After you have learned that it takes a lot of effort to build a website and adapt it to the customer, it would make sense to buy an already developed website. Here you have the advantage of building on previous knowledge and success and often already finding a customer group there. That means you just have to adapt the website to your ideas.
This is the crux of the buying process. For this reason we have you help on our blog too Pricing , Price negotiation , Contract process and the Buying process summarized by Internet pages. With these strong helpers, buying is almost a sure-fire success. Try it out and check out ours offered websites .

Conclusion: Buy a website and then look for strong partners

The ideal solution lies in the combination of both methods. The best thing to do is to look for a suitable website first and then choose a strong partner from our freelancers who will implement your ideas. In this way, you can get your website on the road to success quickly and cheaply. Go ahead and take a look our ads as well as ours strong partner ! For questions about buying a website, you can contact our Forum use.



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