The internet offers a platform to reach a lot of people and with the help of new technology it is now easy to pull up websites in a few hours. Many take advantage of this and dream of managing their own time and making quick money on the Internet. But how does it work and what are business models on the Internet?

Self-employed on the Internet – small business owners and niche sites

In order for you to be able to make money legally on the Internet, you should first have a status as Small business owner take advantage of. The small business is very useful to start with, as you have tax advantages below an annual turnover of 17,500 euros.

If you want to use the status of small business owner as a founder, you only have to inform the tax office. After registering at the trade office, you will receive a questionnaire from the tax office. The advantage is that you don’t have to show sales tax. You do this with a monthly VAT return, which makes your bookkeeping easy. Registration also has very low costs.

Self-employed on the Internet – business models

There are basically three ways you can get started. We will briefly introduce you to all three and also offer you a fourth alternative solution. Usually you start with one Niche website , a page that deals with a specific product!

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Affiliate marketing means the sale of other people’s goods in your shop. The Amazon partner program is known for this and gives you a certain percentage of the sale. So you offer the goods from e.g. Amazon. Often your site has the advantage that it is more precisely devoted to a certain product, such as Samsung Smart TV and, for example, product reviews and comparisons. Thus, you position yourself as an expert in a niche. As a rule, you will receive a link from Affiliate, which can track the sales. Depending on the product, you can earn a few to even several thousand euros per sale (e.g. deposits, funds).


Advertising ( AD-Click ) you can fade in eg with Google Adsense. This is often worthwhile for a very informative blog that offers exciting articles. At best, the visitors come to your blog in large numbers and diligently click on the ads. You can earn a few cents to several euros per click.

Own products

Do you have a great idea, made something nice at home or wrote a book? Then you can too Online shop set up and sell your own products. That can also be worthwhile! You determine the income yourself with the set price.

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Alternative: sell your website with Projektify

It also makes sense to sell a web project. So you can gild your work if you don’t feel like building it up. You can also buy a finished website. You can also build on the success of founders and start directly with income and customers. So you have no risk of failure and you often save money.

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So that you don’t buy the pig in a poke, we have you Purchase information , Drafting of contracts , SEO metrics and Pricing compiled. We also offer you an escrow service for the safe sale. Take a look at ours Information site with many great web shops . We wish you the best of luck with your new web project!


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