You have yours Niche side built up and also enough topics found? Now you want to write some blog articles about it. Of course, your goal is for them to attract a lot of traffic on Google and get a high rank, i.e. appear on page 1. A good blog article is not that easy to write and we would like to give you a few tips in this article!

1. Length of the blog article

Of course there is no straightforward answer. A blog article should be long enough to present a comprehensive set of facts for the reader. Of course there are guidelines. On the one hand, articles with 300-600 words are very popular and often read quickly. However, if there is more competition on Google, you should make your articles a little longer. So this is where you should write longer blog articles. 1000 – 2000 words can therefore be worthwhile.

2. Select a keyword

Take a look at the Google Keyword Planner and enter your keywords. You can find these through brainstorming. Ask yourself: How would I google my site? You should make sure that your keyword is being searched for and that there aren’t too many other websites there yet. The traffic also determines the competitive situation (100-1000 is often a good target). If a keyword has too high competition, it is worth specifying this as well, e.g. children’s toys boys to children’s toys boys wood, i.e. adding a third keyword. This is what Google calls longtail keywords.

Reading tip: Find a niche

3. Use summary elements

A text can often be difficult to understand and people usually read texts on their smartphones on buses and trains. You like to skim texts and want to grasp the content quickly. Therefore, use summary elements such as checklists (bullet points with: Specifically, this means: …) or a single summary sentence in bold. You can also create an illustration or visualize the content in a table.

4. Talking headlines

First, you have to choose a title that arouses curiosity. Show the benefits of the article directly. For example, you can give tips, save time or give instructions. Here are some examples:

  • 5 tips on how to sleep better (tips)
  • A new car in 20 minutes (time savings)
  • How to Build a Niche Page (Instructions)

Now it remains to choose the sub-headings. Try all 5 lines (in WordPress ) to place a headline. It is best to write the headings first and then read them. It must be possible to grasp the content of your text only by means of the headings. Here is an example of an exemplary text. You will notice that you can use the headings to understand exactly what this text is about.

  • Headline: Build your own website in 20 minutes
  • What is a website kit
  • Advantages of a website construction kit
  • Disadvantages of a website construction kit
  • Provider of website construction kits
  • Alternatives to website construction kits
  • Recommendation and conclusion

Reading tip: Headline for blog articles

5. Call to Action

On Call to Action is an understandable and convincing call to action. You know that: Often you read an article and think to yourself: what now? At the end of your article there should be a uniform call to action like: Take a look at my products or read other articles! Remember that it is worthwhile to formulate this request directly and use terms such as: buy now or click here. Then you still have to write your article SEO optimize. We will give you a checklist for this.

Reading tip: SEO checklist

Alternative: buy finished content

Don’t feel like writing so many articles or are you running out of ideas? Then you can also consider buying an existing website and the Content integrate this into your website. The advantage is that you don’t have to write as many blog articles of your own. So look at it directly in our advertisements ! Maybe you will find a suitable project.

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