You are a blogger and want yours Blog sell after long deliberation or on the spur of the moment? Then Projektify offers you a free platform to implement your project. Unlike other providers, we do not take any commission from the purchase price and do not ask you a cent. Even the tips in our own blog are completely free of charge. Our marketplace is mainly financed by member donations and any advertising income.

You can sell these blogs on Projektify:

  • Food blogs
  • Tech blogs
  • Outdoor blog
  • Fitness blogs
  • and many more!

Note: Aside from blogs, you can also use any other Sell website with us .

In addition, on Projektify you have the opportunity to be professionally supported by one of our partners when selling a web project. Use our service right away “ Web project sales advice “.

Selling blog: this is how it works

First of all, you register for free. You then have the opportunity to set up your blog as a web project and place an advertisement with it. The advertisement then appears under the heading “ Buy blog ”. With an advertisement on Projektify you can reach countless interested parties who can buy your blog.

Of course, before the blog sale can be successfully processed, you first have to contact us. Any inquiries from buyers will be forwarded directly to you via the contact form. We only provide the platform. In addition, your data is completely safe with us and will never be passed on to third parties without your express permission.

What to look out for in your ad

With your ad, make sure that you already present the most important data. This includes monthly sales, running costs and the most important SEO Your blog’s metrics. This way, potential buyers know immediately and you can sell your blog faster. You should also set a rough price for your blog in the ad. This is the only way interested parties can know whether the project fits their budget. If you don’t know exactly how much to ask when selling your blog, our will help you Price calculator for websites continue. You can find out what else you have to pay attention to in our blog under: “ Tips on the sales process ”.

Click here to register for free!

PS: If you change your mind and don’t want to sell your blog, we offer you numerous tips on the subject “ Earn money with your own blog “.


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