New ideas arise every day and many of them make the world a little or big better. But as the saying goes: More is always possible! There is probably a new Uber for something every minute, a Tinder for something or an Industry 4.0 startup that is revolutionizing the world. But what actually happens to all of these ideas? 9 out of 10 are supposed to fail. Most of the time, they’ll likely just be pulped again. It makes a lot of sense Startup Sell idea.

Implement startup idea

The procedure is always the same. You write a short, one-sided business plan and then start implementing it straight away. In the case of web ideas, a WordPress put on and get started. Install the template and put the appropriate plugins on it. Now a fitting text. Oh yes… Logo and name. If you can’t think of anything, you can always go to Fivrr and get one Create logo to let. It is actually true what is said again and again in the Silicon Valley: It has never been so easy to found a business as it is today. It’s probably even easier tomorrow than it is today.

Selling a startup idea

Startups constantly and always need ideas: an idea of which product should be developed and how the business model can be monetized. Marketing has to be creative and everything else has to be creative: Marketing and sales, ideas for presentations, ideas for structuring work processes, simply everything! This can often be exhausting and you therefore want to sell the startup idea.

At Projektify, we have many such ideas on our marketplace, or as we like to call them: starter projects. There are quite a few who want to buy such a startup idea. It often makes sense for them to build on the success of existing projects and not start their own business from scratch. Often you don’t have any brilliant ideas and like to use existing projects. This is your chance if you want to sell your startup idea. Check out ours Case study of how such a project has been sold , at.

Practical tip: Projektify price calculator

If you want to sell your startup idea, you have to set a price. Nobody can make the decision about the price of your startup for you. Only you can meet them! You can view or sell startups for free on Projektify. we are a nonprofit organization and want to promote corporate succession and start-ups in Germany and France. Because of this, our service is too completely free . S. check out our ads or post your web project with us for free ! Be sure to read the article as well Determine the value of a website can.

Or you can use one of our services and let our experts advise you directly online on all questions and matters. Here you can find all services in the overview.


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