First of all, you should look for a suitable platform on which you can sell your domain. On this you will already find many similar domains and you can get an initial margin for your sale. So you have at least one feeling of how similar domains are being sold in your subject area. You can also find initial price estimates in forums. Projektify also has one Forum on which you can ask such a question. We also have one for more information on domains Article with tips for buying domains .

Determine the value of the domain

We have determined 4 criteria for this:

  • Traffic is the most important criteria. If there is no traffic, the domain is often worthless to the buyers.
  • The ending of the domain is important. .de domains are often the most popular. But the new endings like .bayern or .info can also be exciting.
  • The length and legibility of the domain. Experience has shown that a two-word or even one-word domain always appears best and often shows exciting keyword combinations.
  • Watch a little different domains. If the competition on large platforms is too great, then try specialized platforms.

You are welcome to use our as a supplement Price calculator try out. We have weighted the criteria in a questionnaire and you can use this to rate web projects.

You can sell startup domains on Projektify

Projektify also has a good number of domains . We have a large audience of freelancers and startups. This target group is therefore often willing to pay more for a domain, because there is also a great deal of interest behind the purpose of having a startup-relevant keyword in the domain. Besides, Projektify is for you free and offers the services of safe sale . Large platforms like Ebay or Sedo often have too broad an audience and too much competition. You run the risk of having to sell your domain at low prices and pay a sales fee that is too high.

How do I sell a domain and what should I watch out for?

First you should differentiate whether you are selling an entire web project with a domain or just one domain. With the former you can use the article Tips for selling web projects read. Price negotiation is also important. Be realistic here and proceed with caution. We have you in Blog some Tips for negotiating prices compiled. These will help you in this important phase.

If you have any further questions about sales, please use ours directly Sales advice service . Here you can get your answers directly from an experienced expert.

Tip: If you need help, you can check out our range of services in the View sales support!

How does the sale work?

If it is a domain, you will need a so-called KK application put. You can find it in the link using the example of our provider All-Incl . The domain is then released there and the buyer can simply register it with another provider.

Selling a domain is not difficult. Regardless of whether you are on Projektify or not, you can get some initial information from us. Take a look at ours Information page about sales at Projektify or on ours existing domains .



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