Do you have a small or medium-sized startup and now want to sell your startup or are you planning a startup exit? We are of the opinion that many small and medium-sized projects are ready for an exit and that many founders simply do not want to start from scratch and are happy to take over an existing startup. Just how does it work? We have put together some tips.

Plan a startup exit

You notice that you are slowly running out of time or your desire Startup continue and now want a successful startup exit. That is perfectly ok and should be planned well. When we sold our first startup, the first step was to close all open projects and make the model salable. That means informing suppliers and stakeholders and being able to hand over the systems with documentation. You have now made all the preparations to start selling.

Selling startup

How do I sell a startup

For your successful startup exit, you first need a description. This is very similar to the business plan. You have to show the buyer exactly that he is buying potential here and help him to continue the model successfully. We have you for this Tips compiled.

Special case in the event of an impending startup bankruptcy

If your startup is in bankruptcy or if you are threatened with bankruptcy, then that’s not a problem. Then you can simply refer to our article: Startup bankruptcy and Use startup bankruptcy as an opportunity get all the answers on how to deal with it.

Where do I sell a startup

You can sell a startup on Ebay and Facebook. However, you often do not have a suitable target group for your sales there. Other platforms often charge you high fees. Right here is this USP from Projektify at startup exit. We don’t charge any sales fees and even offer you one for free Escrow service at. Take a look at ours Selling information page .

At what price do I sell a startup

This is often the most difficult phase and depends on your good description first. You will get a first impression of ours Price calculator and the article: Determine the price of a website . An important factor, especially when it comes to blogs, are those SEO metrics .
The second factor when selling a startup is then the price negotiation. Read the tips in our Article on price negotiation .

Would you like more information on startup sales? Then use ours Service of advice for the sale of a company. Here you get help from a real expert and you don’t have to worry anymore.

Get started right away and sell your startup at Projektify

Look directly in our ads or switch directly your ad! You can start your startup with us free hire and negotiate with buyers directly. We offer you this service without any fees, as we have already successfully sold a startup ourselves and would now like to help other founders. Read more about this in the article: The Projektify team!

Use ours too Service of advice for the sale of a company. Here you can get help from a real expert.


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